15 вакансій за запитом «phd»

  • 24 червня 2022
    Junior Developer with a life science background в  Datagrok $500–1200 віддалено
    As a means to support Ukraine, Datagrok is announcing 5 junior developer positions. If you are Ukrainian, know any of these languages: C++, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, and are looking for a great job, Datagrok might be the place for you!
  • 24 червня 2022
    Datagrok is a product startup developing a next-generation data platform with a focus on biotech. We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer who will help us improve our web-based data analysis platform. This is not a typical web app work, we are building our own technology.
  • 21 червня 2022
    Principal Quantitative Researcher (part-time) в  Neurons Lab $8000–12000 віддалено
    About the project Our customer is managing a portfolio that consists of several financial instruments like equities and ETFs.
  • 21 червня 2022
    Full-stack JS / Python developer в  Beetroot Київ, Львів, Одеса, Івано-Франківськ, Житомир, Кременчук, Полтава, віддалено
    We’re looking for a passionate Junior/Junior+ Full-stack (JS/Python) developer, who clearly pictures his next challenge in the Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning field.
  • 20 червня 2022
    AIBY Group is a group of American product companies that includes such brands as AIBY, BP Mobile, and Freeplay.For us, the main goal of a product is to help users with their daily tasks and rethink the existing technological solutions.
  • 19 червня 2022
    Senior Data Scientist в  A-listware до $5500 віддалено
    A-LISTWARE is looking for a Senior Data Scientist Our Customer: The company is a leading provider of Advanced Telematics, prediction and Vehicle Health Management solutions for the Automotive market, is seeking to bring on board a Senior Data Scientist.
  • 16 червня 2022
    Senior CV/ML Engineer в  Apostera UA a Harman company Київ, Одеса, Ужгород, за кордоном, віддалено
    We are looking for a highly skilled SW Engineer to join our growing HARMAN ADAS SBU team helping us to develop state of the art mixed reality applications for automotive solutions, the most advanced from design and testing perspective to cover plenty of use-cases which must...
  • 15 червня 2022
    Math + Python developer (students are welcome) в  Numerical Technologies Київ, за кордоном, віддалено
    Numerical Technologies, a leading provider of software development and consultancy services for financial institutions, is looking for talented people experienced in Math and Python who will be responsible for development, testing, implementation, debugging and support of sophisticated...
  • 14 червня 2022
    Math + C# developer (students are welcome) в  Numerical Technologies Київ, за кордоном, віддалено
    Numerical Technologies focuses on the software development and consultancy services for financial institutions, including 4 of the 5 largest dealers, central banks, and asset managers.
  • 10 червня 2022
    ML Engineer в  Newxel віддалено
    We are looking for passionate, ambitious, and excellent software engineers that want to break boundaries, move mountains and shape the AI future. In this role, you will take the main part in defining and developing the AI platform.
  • 9 червня 2022
    Data Scientist в  Ecentria Solutions Odessa Одеса, віддалено
    Are you a Data Scientist with experience in Deep Learning and Machine Learning? Join us to innovate in existing and new ambitious ML projects. You will act as a practical expert within our expanding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) team.
  • 7 червня 2022
    Senior Game Mathematician в  Idenon Київ, віддалено
    Idenon is a modern games development company. We are proud of designing and developing our games in-house. Our aim is to bring new quality into existing market. We deliver unique gaming experience with every new product. We develop games that people want to play non stop!
  • 6 червня 2022
    Our partner is a rapidly growing venture-backed startup from Ukraine with a focus on AI-based video generation with human presenters. We are looking for an experienced ML Engineer/Researcher who will be working together with existing ML team on state-of-the-art generative models.
  • 2 червня 2022
    Junior Technical Writer в  Datagrok $400–1000 віддалено
    We are a US-based startup working in the biotech area. Our product can analyze millions of data points right in the browser and use AI to learn from data.
  • 1 червня 2022
    Head of Product Design в  Qubstudio Львів, віддалено
    Шукаємо досвідченого Head of Product Design Office, який розвиватиме Product Design експертизу, будуватиме людиноцентричні дизайн-процеси та стане менеджером команди з 34 дизайнерів цифрових продуктів. Хто ми?