Офер за 1 день в команду BetterMe (Frontend Hiring, JavaScript/React/Redux)

3 вакансии в категории Sales в Николаеве

  • Business Development Manager в  Postindustria Николаев, Херсон, за рубежом, удаленно
    We are looking for a Business Development Manager that will be converting our marketing leads into the sales opportunities. No cold calls / emails. Requirements: — Excellent spoken and written English.
  • Sales Development Representative в  Postindustria Киев, Николаев, Херсон, удаленно
    Requirements: — Excellent spoken and written English.
  • Head of Sales в  Postindustria Киев, Николаев, Херсон, удаленно
    Responsibilities: — Build and scale up the process of outbound lead generation; — Handle outbound leads by emails, social networks, and calls; — Handle inbound leads the same way; — Search for potential customers; — Manage onboarding process of new publishers; — Monitoring...