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4 вакансии в категории C++ во Львове, опыт 5+ лет

  • PLC Engineer в  Echo Львов
    S+ H Technology has developed plants, machines and test systems that cover a wide variety of files in industrial automation, gaining extensive experience in these fields and technologies.
  • EdgeQuery is a Limelight Fundamental Technology for Billing, Near Real-Time Analytics, Reporting, QoS, etc. belonging to Big Data domain. The Technology process terabytes (aprx. 200 TB!) of data a day and enables Limelight to offer best Real-Time Analytics for our customers.
  • We are building 2 teams for German client specializing on developing traffic controller for switching traffic lights on/off at intersections. These devices are installed in cabinets next to intersections.
  • C/C++ Engineer в  Ring Ukraine Львов
    Job Summary We are looking for C++ developer with some embedded experience, who will work on firmware development for Ring powered devices (video cameras and doorbells).