80 вакансий в категории C++ в Киеве

  • Компания Wargaming приглашает к сотрудничеству C++ Programmer в команду Platform. Главные цели команды — быстрый и удобный доступ ко всем играм Wargaming, упрощение процесса издания фич и игр, снижение затрат на их разработку.
  • C++ CUDA Software Engineer в  Cosylab Ukraine Киев, Харьков, Львов, Днепр, Одесса
    Revolutionary new cancer treatment using proton particle therapy (cutting edge hi-tech project). Large medical application with lots of user interaction and complex physical computations (for hospitals).
  • You have a chance to work in a new product with Agile development practices. Our team of professionals is open to new ideas. Enlight is a newly developed framework for the creation of medical workflow/wizard oriented desktop applications.
  • On behalf of Toradex, Ciklum is looking for Hardware Development Engineer to join Kyiv team on a full-time basis. Client details Toradex is a global company strongly focused on engineering & technology. We’re powered by a diverse & uniquely gifted workforce.
  • Мы разрабатываем удобную и быструю почту ukr.net для украинских пользователей. Проекту 18 лет и у нас нет legacy кода. Команда 21 человек Inhouse и есть ментор.
  • About Ring Ukraine We are a hardcore research and product development company hungry to build the next generation of smart home security products.
  • Requirements: — C++ experience from 1 year; — сonfident use of STL: containers, smart pointers, functionals; — experience with the boost library; — understanding of design patterns, ability to use them; — ability to work in a team environment as well as independently; — result...
  • We invite an expert in speech recognition who has experience in research and implementation of stat-of-the-art algorithms of Deep Learning for speech recognition. About: You will work on the first-of-its-kind speech recognition system for individuals with speech impairments.
  • C++ Developer (Proxy Network) в  Intersog Киев, Одесса
    We’re looking for a C++ Developer to join the team for developing the next generation business proxy network.
  • A next-generation 3D virtual world meant for a billion people that will be mobile-first with a clear path toward VR. People will be able to build realtime shared experiences bound to their social network, and backed by a new marketplace for user-generated content (UGC).
  • Our customer is serving the major companies in the automotive industry on the European market. Their products are used by the largest car manufacturers in the world.
  • Work with BNR Advance™ (see here: https://www.cranepi.com/en/products/solutions/note/recyclers/bnr-advance#/) Crane Payment Innovations is the leader in world class automated payment solutions.
  • We invite an experienced Senior C++ Developer to join our team. The ideal candidate is someone who is passionate and motivated about technology and startups and can independently work on complicated topics, handling the tech and business topics alike.
  • Prism Skylabs ( https://prism.com ) is a technology company headquartered in San Francisco, California that connects cameras within businesses to computer vision and A.I. technology in the cloud, to transform these devices into tools for Business Intelligence.
  • Numerical Technologies LTD offers software development and consultancy services to financial institutions, including derivative dealers, regional banks, asset managers, central banks, and supra nationals.
  • Numerical Technologies LTD offers software development and consultancy services to financial institutions, including derivative dealers, regional banks, asset managers, central banks, and supra nationals.
  • Vast Data, a NYC-based storage company, breaks decades-old data storage tradeoffs & brings an end to complex storage tiering and HDD usage in the enterprise. We are looking for smart, passionate and independent developers to join our team who are eager to learn and contribute.
  • We are looking for experienced graphics programmer who will take responsibility for developing next-generation products in graphics and compute.
  • As a .net engineer, you will take a part in creation of true product value, which is now in early stage. Working closely with Product Owner and QA’s, you will ensure the value that makes a difference.
  • Our customer is top mass media and information company working on a global market. As part of this project, we make a thorough audit and re-architecting of the current outdated solution to archive better code quality, platform-independence and, performance.