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13 вакансий в категории Python в Днепре

  • Project for collecting, analyzing of user’s behavior and creating user’s learning system to improve their information security awareness. Using of Python, Node.js, Mongo DB, and React.js we create high quality and smart solution for Enterprises and Governments.
  • Senior Python Developer (Remote Work) в  DataArt Киев, Харьков, Львов, Днепр, Одесса, Херсон
    THE POSITION OFFERS REMOTE WORK OPPORTUNITY. DataArt is engaged in IT consulting and software development. Since 1997, we have been designing, developing, modernizing, and supporting solutions that help the businesses of our clients grow.
  • Senior Python Developer, Financial Software Solutions в  DataArt Киев, Харьков, Львов, Днепр, Одесса, Херсон
    THE POSITION OFFERS REMOTE WORK OPPORTUNITY. Our client is a New York City-based FinTech startup that is building a trading and risk software platform for the investment banking industry to sell as a service.
  • Senior and Middle Python Developers в  WebiNerds Днепр, удаленно
    WebiNerds Inc. is a top-notch web and software development company based in Boston, USA, with a development department in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. WebiNerds provides a variety of services for US companies ranging from startups to medium-sized, established enterprises.
  • Python Geek в  Flyaps Днепр
    If you are a great professional who want to become an ace — then this offer is for you. If you dream about creating your startup — then this is also your offer.
  • Senior Python developer в  HealthJoy от $4000 Днепр
    Why our work matters The healthcare industry is notoriously difficult to navigate. One-third of the over $3 trillion spent on healthcare annually results from this complexity, and more than half of Americans don’t get care because of the price tag.
  • Sharaf DG is a whole new concept in Electronics Retailing dedicated to meeting the growing demands of the modern customer. They are a leading provider of technology products, services, and solutions.
  • Компания iSi technologies занимается полной автоматизацией бизнеса в сфере NEMT (non-emergency medical transportation).
  • Poster POS — облачная касса для кафе и ресторанов, которая внедряется за 15 минут и работает на любом устройстве.
  • Python developer в  Sparkybit Харьков, Днепр
    Our client creates cybersecurity solutions and data warehouses in a hybrid cloud in the form of innovative solutions for backup, protection against ransomware, disaster recovery, data storage, as well as synchronization and sharing of corporate data.
  • Our project aims to contribute to society by making previously unknown private and community real estate available online to citizens and workers that need to meet others in such a way that societal real estate can retain its original function and customers have access to affordable...
  • Команда SkillsUp занимается подготовкой специалистов, развитием персонала, консалтингом в сфере информационных технологий.
  • Pronounced “You and I”, UENI provides low-cost, easy solutions to help small businesses attract new customers online.