5 вакансій в категорії Rust віддалено

  • 24 червня
    About the Project: The Project specializes in developing smart farming solutions aimed at optimizing agricultural operations through advanced IoT technology and intuitive software.
  • 21 червня
    Rust Blockchain Developer в  Boosty Labs віддалено
    GGx Chain is a groundbreaking modular Layer 1 blockchain that seamlessly integrates Ethereum and Bitcoin light clients within a versatile, hybrid EVM and multichain environment. GGx Chain offers boundless application possibilities.
  • 14 червня
    Rust Developer (Bitcoin Focus) в  Global Staffing Support Чернівці, Івано-Франківськ, віддалено
    We are seeking a highly skilled Rust Developer with a deep understanding of Bitcoin to join our dynamic team. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in developing and implementing Runes and Ordinals within the Bitcoin protocol.
  • 14 червня
    Rust Developer в  Global Staffing Support Чернівці, Івано-Франківськ, віддалено
    We are seeking a skilled Rust Developer with expertise in developing smart contracts on the Solana blockchain to join our innovative team.
  • 12 червня
    Senior Rust Developer в  Boosty Labs віддалено
    An interchain infrastructure protocol that delivers blockchain-agnostic base-layer communications. Protocol employs enhanced security architecture and gas cost optimization techniques featuring MPC and zero-knowledge precompiles.