5 вакансий в категории Perl

  • Інформаційно-пошукова система «Законодавство України» http://zakon.rada.gov.ua
  • The project is one of San Diego’s top thriving startups working to transform the travel industry through innovative software. We are looking for hungry, enthusiastic, travel-obsessed people who love to explore the world and experience new cultures.
  • Perl Developer / Container Engineer в  Electric Cloud Киев, Одесса, удаленно
    Electric Cloud delivers enterprise software that accelerates software delivery. Our products revolutionize ’software production’: the back-end of software development, including builds, testing, packaging, and deployment.
  • проект связан с blockchain
  • Perl Developer в  CloudMade Киев, удаленно
    We’re looking for a Perl Developer to become a part of a strong and open-minded team, concentrated on the industrial solution, which allows drivers to enjoy an enhanced and innovative customer journey, and fleet managers to make car sharing and monitoring safe and seamless.