146 вакансий в категории C++

  • C++ Integration Engineer в  SQUAD Киев, Львов, удаленно
    Job Summary We are looking for a C++ Integration Engineer with embedded experience, who will work on integration support of network device development, firmware development for powered devices, and on-call support during integration phases for new product development.
  • We are looking for C++ developer to work on the development of server-side software for Linux-based storage system.
  • Video Codec Engineer в  SQUAD Киев, Львов, удаленно
    Job Summary We are looking for a Video Codec engineer who will be responsible for setting up and tuning video codecs’ quality parameters in order to provide the best picture quality that comply with network restrictions.
  • C++ Developer, Communications Services в  DataArt Киев, Харьков, Львов, Днепр, Одесса, Херсон, удаленно
    Our client is a global provider of testing, analytics, and security solutions for the telecommunications sector.
  • Шукаємо крутих менторів для наших крутих студентів Пам’ятаєш себе на старті кар’єри? Багатьом із нас не вистачало сильного ментора, який підкаже, спрямує, обговорить з тобою різні підходи, рішення, тренди.
  • Trainee C++ Game Developer в  Playwing $300–500 Харьков
    In order to participate in the competition, you will need to complete a test task
  • Senior С++ Developer в  Svitla Systems, Inc. Киев, Харьков, Львов, удаленно
    The Company Svitla Systems is a multinational software company headquartered in Silicon Valley, with business and development offices throughout the US, Mexico, and Europe.
  • Middle C++/Go Developer в  XCDS $2000–3500 Харьков, удаленно
    Our company is an independent software vendor specialized in producing solutions that take document processing to a new level.
  • Strong Junior/Middle C++ Developer (Qt) в  XCDS $1000–3500 Харьков, удаленно
    Our company is an independent software vendor specialized in producing solutions that take document processing to a new level.
  • Senior Render Engineer в Dragon`s Lake Entertainment Киев, удаленно
    About you You are interested in engine development, keen on working with challenging tasks which require good debugging, optimization skills and knowledge of game engine architecture. You have experience working with game engines and, probably, have your own pet project.
  • We’re looking for a Senior Rust Developer helping Blockchain and FinTech Businesses with software development.
  • We are an innovative automated trading technology provider, with an excellent track record: We are unique today to have dedicated the past 12 years a massive R&D to bring automated trading technologies to equities, derivatives and FX on the same platform.
  • The project is for a German customer specializing in traffic management solutions. Cooperation with this client is sturdy and is steadily growing, there are already 7 teams enrolled and the number keeps increasing.
  • Junior C++ Developer в  Keepit Киев, Львов, удаленно
    Keepit is a cloud-to-cloud backup service provider.
  • We invite an experienced C++ developer to join the team working on a project for our client — the worldwide leader in networking and security.
  • C++ Engineer for Our Products в  TeamDev Харьков, удаленно
    Это наши коммерческие библиотеки для Java и .NET девелоперов — JxBrowser и DotNetBrowser, которые позволяют использовать всю мощь Chromium движка в кросс-платформенных десктопных и серверных приложениях. Кросс-платформенное ядро данных библиотек написано на C++.
  • C++ intern/junior в  Sensority $200–700 Киев
    Sensority is a global leading provider of human assessment solutions powered by AI.
  • Who We Are at Sprout Therapy Sprout Therapy is a tech-forward provider of pediatric therapy across the United States. We believe that families, clinicians, and insurers all deserve a better healthcare experience, so we built one.
  • Senior/Middle C++ Engineer, AR в  Apostera Киев, Одесса, удаленно
    Our Mixed-Reality Navigation Guidance solution merges the virtual and real worlds into one helping drivers understand an exact way where to make a maneuver, therefore making the driving experience more enjoyable, safe and carefree.
  • Paid Internship with 6 months duration. Schedule — Monday — Friday, the full working day with the opportunity to work shortened working hours, but at least 4 hours a day. Remote work during the quarantine.