Zoral is a fintech software research and development company. We were founded in 2004. We operate one of the largest labs in Europe focused on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), predictive systems for consumer/SME credit and financial products. Our clients are based in USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and Australia.
21 лютого 2022

Data Scientist Tech / Team Lead (вакансія неактивна)

за кордоном, віддалено

Необхідні навички

— MSc or PhD degree in Computer Science, Applied Math or related field
— 5+ years of experience in Software Engineering and ML
— algorithms and data structures knowledge (e.g. divide and conquer, graph algorithms, dynamic programming, stacks/queues, heaps)
— background in Mathematics (linear algebra, discrete math, probability theory and statistics, optimization theory)
— knowledge of Computer Vision algorithms (object detection, recognition, feature extraction, matching, projective geometry, pose estimation, 3d reconstruction)
— classic ML algorithms and approaches expertise (e.g. logistic regression, regularization, xgboost, etc.)
— neural networks for image and sequence modelling experience (e.g. CNN, LSTM)
— strong knowledge of Python
— experience with Unix tools (e.g. bash scripting)
— experience with cloud platforms (e.g. GCP or AWS)
— self-sufficiency: being able to work and deliver with the minimal support required
— a proven track record of project implementation from PoC to production
— strong team-work focus
— good spoken and written English (B2+)

Буде плюсом

— team lead experience
— experience with logic programming (e.g. Prolog) or functional programming languages
— experience with Program Synthesis/Inductive Logic Programming techniques
— SQL, Java, R, or C++ knowledge
— NLP experience (text categorization, NER, parsing)
— knowledge of graphical models (CRF, HMM, PCFG, etc.)
— development of parsers and Domain Specific Languages
— participant of Kaggle, math/coding competitions


— Attractive salary and good opportunities for career and personal development
— Compensation package
— Good opportunities for career and personal development
— Office in a picturesque place


As a member of the Machine Learning team, you will participate in multiple projects related to automated processing of financial documents in various formats (Intelligent Document Processing) that includes structure recognition, document parsing, information extraction and question answering.
In particular you will:
- collaborate with business analysis, development, and operations teams;
- capture key business requirements in communication and cooperation with the key business stakeholders;
- develop document recognition technology using cutting-edge approaches to document recognition.
It will include:
- implementation and fine-tuning of custom OCR models in noizy/restricted environment;
- pose estimation, document rectification;
- creation of shallow parsers and document categorization models;
- object detection, form fields extraction, tables detection and parsing;
- analyze state-of-the-art papers, benchmark different approaches to document recognition;
- develop of PoC (proof of concept) and demo prototypes to validate requirements and design;
- develop production-ready solutions in close cooperation with development team;
- mentor and manage interns/junior team members.

Про проект

Zoral is a fintech software research and development company. We were founded in 2004.
We specialize in advanced software fields such as BI, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, High Speed Computing, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Unstructured Data processing, Finance, Risk Management and Security.
Depending on the project, it can be consulting in data analysis and risk management, with customers geography stretching all over the world or creation of extensible decision engine services, data analysis and management solutions, real-time automatic data processing applications.
If you are excited about development of Artificial Intellect, Behavior Analysis data solutions, Big Data then we can give you an opportunity to reveal your talents.