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  • ZONE3000 works with Namecheap project ( Namecheap was founded in 2000 on the idea that all people deserve value-priced domains delivered through stellar service.
  • QA Tool is an internal system used for monitoring statistic of clients’ appeals to the company and interactions with Customer Support representatives who work in chats and tickets based on the data from the helpdesk system.
  • You will join the team that works on the brand new payment system. Given payment system will play crucial role in Namecheap echo-system. In particular it will: — Handle all payments for all Namecheap products. — Empower Namecheap apps and products with various payment options.
  • The Project Manager is responsible for the oversight for technology-wide and business-related projects.
  • The Project Manager is responsible for setting and managing processes in the development team, organizing workflows, documenting requirements, planning, monitoring and control.
  • — System administration work experience 3+ years — Advanced Linux/Unix experience — Strong troubleshooting skills — Pre-Intermediate or higher level of written English — An understanding of LAMP stacks, including the installation, configuration, and management — Basic understanding...
  • Ads Performance Analyst Харьков
    The Performance Analyst will support our Product and Marketing Teams by bringing reporting, analysis, and data-driven insight to grow our business and help our marketing team develop an evidence-based, full-funnel marketing strategy.
  • В рамках хостинговой компании HOSTiQ работают три украинских бренда, которые продают хостинг, домены и SSL-сертификаты:, и и отличаются своей специализацией на конкретном виде хостинга, а на продаются только SSL-сертификаты.
  • System QA Team responsible for the whole Namecheap product quality. The team works on improving our automation testing approaches and provide it at the company level. We work with the latest technologies such as AWS, TeamCity/Jenkins, Selenoid/GGR.
  • Cloud Platform Engineer Харьков
    ZONE3000 works with Namecheap project ( Namecheap is searching for a specialist who is a fan of DevOps culture, who prefers creating turnkey solutions to solving specific issues.
  • CRM Performance Analyst Харьков
    Performance Analysts work with knowledgeable colleagues in various parts of the business to define, design and develop analytic solutions to improve optimization and mitigate risks.
  • Authentication/Authorization server building identity and access control solutions for all Namecheap applications and services, including single sign-on, identity management, authorization, and API security.
  • The Namecheap Private Email (powered by Open-Xchange) is a cloud-based open-source collaboration software that meets all necessary email, calendar and contacts, tasks management and document storage needs.
  • DNS System is bones and muscles that come to action to bring a domain online. DNS team is looking for a super hero to help us improve our DNS management process.
  • Machine Learning Engineer Харьков
    We are looking for people who love machine learning to join our growing team. Through our critical growth stage it is important that you approach old problems with fresh ideas and recognize the benefits and flaws in our current mode of operation.
  • Machine Learning services in various areas of the large worldwide company — Business Intelligence, Marketing, Technology, internal processes.
  • HR People Partner Харьков
    The bigger we get the more we need HR. Join us if you truly believe that investment into people is the worthiest investment ever!
  • DevOps Engineer Харьков
    ZONE3000 works with Namecheap project ( Namecheap is searching for a specialist who is a fan of DevOps culture, who prefers creating turnkey solutions to solving specific issues.
  • HostIQ (торговые марки, Hostiq.UA,, хостинговое направление компании ZONE3000) предоставляет всевозможные виды хостинга как на украинский рынок, так и на весь мир уже на протяжении 10 лет.
  • Operations Assistant Харьков
    В операционный отдел IT-компании с более чем 15-ти летним опытом работы на рынке веб хостинга и регистрации доменных имен (украинское и зарубежные направления) требуется помощник в Operations Team для выполнения операционных офисных задач и мелких поручений.


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