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19 апреля 2021

Senior JavaScript Engineer in Architecture Team (вакансия неактивна)

Харьков, удаленно

We are looking for a person who will be responsible for the creation of tools and code that will be a foundation for other teams’ development. It includes reusable NodeJS application code, front-end code (mostly for ReactJS), CI/CD tools, documentation.
The output of work will be a foundation for more than 15 teams that work on different products, thus a high level of quality is a must-have.

We expect a person:

— to be able to handle features from requirements definition till production.
— to be open to feedback from different team members
— will be able to guide and help other teammates and transform help in the creation of better tools or documentation


— Strong proficiency with JavaScript (ES6+)
— Proficient understanding of client-side scripting
— Understanding the browser as a platform and browsers instruments for development
— Understanding memory management in browser
— Knowledge of performance best practices for web pages
— Understanding of event loop, micro, and macro tasks and their influence on code
— Understanding the nature of asynchronous programming and its quirks and workarounds
— Experience with application development using some of the modern JavaScript frameworks: Angular, React, VueJS, etc.
— Understanding and experience with NodeJS server-side development
— Experience with application development based on one of the next libraries: ExpressJS, Koa, Loopback or NestJS
— Understanding of requests handling model in NodeJS
— Understanding of EventEmmiter and alternative event models
— Understanding of Streams
— A strong culture of clean code and engineering excellence
— Understanding of Object-Oriented programming paradigm
— Understanding of SOLID principles on practice
— Knowledge of software design patterns & understanding the pros & cons of each way
— Excellent knowledge and experience with automated testing platforms and unit tests
— Understanding of HTTP protocol
— Knowledge of web security threats and ways to mitigate them
— Proficient understanding of Git
— Understanding NPM
— Understanding Semver 2.0 and how to maintain backward compatibility on different levels
— Knowledge of Docker
— Experience with DevOps practices — the ability to work with an application on all lifecycle stages: development, environment creation, maintenance on real environments
— High level of critical thinking
— Written English and experience with documentation creation


— Knowledge of TypeScript and willing to work with it
— Understanding of functional programming paradigm
— Experience with one of the big cloud providers (AWS/Azure/GCP)
— Production experience with ReactJS and it’s infrastructure
— Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them
— Knowledge other than JavaScript/TypeScript programming languages

We offer:

— High & competitive salary
— Challenging work in an international professional environment
— Opportunity to influence software development process, to be the owner of the product in your field of expertise
— Opportunity to apply SAFe methodology
— Flexible management
— Flexible / Casual Leave
— Relocation Bonus when moving from a different city / country
— Full benefits package: paid vacation and sick leave
— Continuous professional development (free internal and external professional trainings)
— Free English classes in the company office
— Free use of the services provided by Namecheap (for non-commercial purposes)
— Quarterly teambuilding activities and company corporate events
— RDX gym membership
— Coffee, tea, fruits

You will be part of the architects team that work together with development teams on building Namecheap products. You will actively participate in development streams for multiple products pairing together product owners, business representatives and leads and be empowered to create business centric solutions which will allow our customers to build better Internet using Namecheap services.
You will have a chance to apply all your wide experience for improving a huge system and build a technically perfect puzzle using various system, approaches and technologies.