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7 июня 2021

Middle Infrastructure DevOps Engineer


Необходимые навыки

— “Kubernetes” is a must
— Good skills in Linux administration
— Experience with CI / CD pipelines for code building, deployment, and testing (Jenkins)
— Experience with Microservices deployment and release management
— Experience with Logging and Management Systems (ELK)
— Understanding of monitoring principles and experience in using application & infrastructure monitoring tools (such as Zabbix, Nagios, Prometheus, Grafana, ELK)
— Experience with at least one of the programming or scripting languages (preferably Python, Bash, Go, Lua)
— Good knowledge of at least one of configurations management tools — ansible / puppet / terraform / salt
— Hands-on experience with VCS technology: GIT

Будет плюсом

— Experience with ProxMox or other virtualization technology
— AWS and Google cloud experience
— Strong understanding of network technologies and protocols (OSI model, NAT, DNS, IPv4 / IPv6, TCP / UDP / BGP / ECMP)
— Experience and understanding of web technologies (REST, cloud-based applications)
— Experience with SMTP services (postfix, dovecot, etc)
— Experience with databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, ClickHouse)
— Experience in troubleshooting and resolving problems in different environments
— Secret management via HashiCorp Vault
— Infrastructure testing tools
— Experience in writing technical documentation and planning
— Experience with distributed storages (CEPH)


— High & competitive salary
— Challenging work in an international professional environment
— Opportunity to influence software development process, to be the owner of the product in your field of expertise
— Opportunity to apply SAFe methodology
— Flexible management
— Flexible / Casual Leave
— Relocation Bonus when moving from a different city / country
— Full benefits package: paid vacation and sick leave
— Continuous professional development (free internal and external professional trainings)
— Free English classes in the company office
— Free use of the services provided by Namecheap (for non-commercial purposes)
— Quarterly teambuilding activities and company corporate events
— Coffee, tea, fruits


— Planning and development of high load project from scratch
— Improvement of current high load projects
— Assistance in project ecosystem planning
— Improve monitoring and alerting systems
— Hardware and software monitoring
— Capacity planning and provisioning
— Perform a security audit

О проекте

Namecheap is a domain registrar that maintains over 12,000,000 domains.
We are the TechOps Email team, and we need a DevOps who will help us to maintain heavy, high-load email services that process up to 40,000,000 million emails daily.
We have launched a new project that is already on production and in the frames of it more than 2 billion letters of our clients have been processed for this year.
And we keep growing! The technology stack is K8S / PostgreSQL / Postfix / Elastic and much more. It’s interesting here!