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Харків, Львів, Дніпро

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  • 1 березня 2024
    Your expertise: Deep understanding and experience with one of technology stack: .NET, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, etc. Knowledge and successful appliance of OOP paradigm.
  • 27 лютого 2024
    Your expertise: Strong understanding of on-premise infrastructure (Linux administration, networking, VLAN, BGP) Understanding of virtualization, (experience with some hypervisors e.g.
  • 23 лютого 2024
    Your expertise: Experience 7+ years with ASP.NET, React / TypeScript, relational database like MSSQL, PostgreSQL or similar, EF Core Knowledge of software architecture patterns Experience with GIT Understanding and practice with unit / integration tests Understanding...
  • 21 лютого 2024
    Your expertise: Strong proficiency in JavaScript (ES6+), HTML, CSS, and responsive design principles Knowledge of TypeScript Experience in application development using some of the modern JavaScript frameworks: React, etc.
  • 20 лютого 2024
    Your expertise: Strong proficiency in JavaScript (ES6+) Proficient understanding of client-side scripting understanding of the browser as a platform and browsers instruments for development understanding of memory management in the browser knowledge of performance...
  • 19 лютого 2024
    SEO Specialist віддалено
    Your expertise: 4-5 years of hands-on SEO experience.
  • 16 лютого 2024
    Your expertise: Experience with email software: Postfix, Exim, Dovecot and mail protocols (IMAP / POP3 / SMTP) Understanding of network technologies and protocols (OSI model, NAT, DNS, IPv4 / IPv6, TCP / UDP / BGP / ECMP) Experience with Linux OS CentOS / Debian / Ubuntu...
  • 16 лютого 2024
    Your expertise: Strong knowledge in the sphere of testing (e.g.
  • 16 лютого 2024
    Your expertise: Good skills in Linux administration Experience with mail services (Postfix, Dovecot, etc) Experience with relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL or other relational DBs) Understanding of monitoring principles and experience in using application &...
  • 16 лютого 2024
    Your expertise: Solid knowledge of TypeScript with understanding of OOP principles Experience in requirements testing, REST API testing, database testing (SQL, Postgres would be preferable), E2E testing Knowledge in the sphere of Manual and Automation testing, understanding...
  • 15 лютого 2024
    Performance Analyst віддалено
    Your expertise: SQL knowledge Experience with Microsoft Excel or similar tools Good theoretical background in math’s and statistic Understanding predictive analytics Experience building visualizations in Tableau or other similar tools Experience working with data received...
  • 15 лютого 2024
    Web Analyst віддалено
    Your expertise: Proficiency in GA4 or any similar event-based web analytics system (Snowplow, Matomo) Google Tag Manager: Proficiency in dataLayer, JS ECMAScript 5, CSS Selectors, RegExp, gtag customization is a must Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, basic knowledge...
  • 14 лютого 2024
    Your expertise: 4+ years of experience in software development Excellent knowledge of JavaScript and Node.js Excellent knowledge of relational databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL Experience with event-driven systems Understanding of REST, SOLID, and OOP principles Experience...
  • 13 лютого 2024
    Your expertise: Strong proficiency with JavaScript (ES6+) Knowledge of TypeScript and willingness to work with it Understanding and experience with Node.js server-side development Knowledge and experience with Docker Knowledge and experience with SQL Experience with...
  • 12 лютого 2024
    Storage Engineer віддалено
    Your expertise: Minimum of 4+ years of experience in Linux / Unix administration Experience with any of the distributed storage systems (SDS) and network file systems (Ceph, gluster, DRBD, minIO, NFS, etc.) Understanding of server hardware (SATA / SAS / NVMe devices, HBA...
  • 12 лютого 2024
    Data Analyst (Finance) віддалено
    Your expertise: Bachelor’s Degree in Economic, Business, Finance or equivalent combination of education and experience related to basic financial analysis Minimum of 1 year’ experience working in analytics or relevant field Experience with Microsoft Excel or similar tools...
  • 9 лютого 2024
    Your expertise: DevOps / SRE Experience: Minimum of 2 years in a DevOps or SRE role Experience with Big Data Technologies like Apache Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka Strong skills in one or more programming languages like Python, Java, or Go Experience with Cloud-Based Infrastructure...
  • 8 лютого 2024
    Your expertise: Experience in testing more than 3+ years Knowledge and understanding of the development methodologies and techniques such as Scrum Experience in Web applications testing Experience in API testing Experience in writing and maintaining test documentation(bug...
  • 8 лютого 2024
    Your expertise: DevOps / Linux SysAdmin work experience 4+ years Advanced Linux / Unix Administration Cloud Services Proficiency (any of AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud).
  • 8 лютого 2024
    Your expertise: OpenStack management experience 3+ years Advanced Linux / Unix experience Strong designing / troubleshooting skills Strong cloud platforms experience (any of AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, or DigitalOcean) Networking Virtualization experience (SDN, VXLAN,...

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