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ZibraAI is a part of the Roosh ecosystem. Roosh consists of several companies that serve one big goal — to build AI and ML product companies in Ukraine and give talents an opportunity to do so.

Browse job openings listed on the Roosh page to join the ZibraAI team.

ZibraAI is a deep-tech startup focused on creating AI-based technologies and products for the game development industry. We design tools that enable realistic physics, improve graphics and performance, and compress the 3D data using a unique ML-based technology that significantly boosts 3D processing.

Our first product Zibra Liquids is a revolutionary plugin for real-time fluid physics simulation and rendering. It has best-in-class performance and takes in-game visual effects creation to the next level.

ZibraAI is a team of open-minded people with different areas of expertise. Our employees are specialists with experience in AAA games development, people with a scientific background in math and physics, and ML engineers who were among the first to apply machine learning to 3D content generation.