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16 березня 2023

Account Director Assistant (вакансія неактивна)

за кордоном, віддалено

We are looking for a person with great spoken and written English to participate in client meetings, take notes, communicate with all parties involved, send meeting recaps, and keep the information well organized and easily accessible.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Follow up with clients when we need some information from them;
  • Prepare text and image-based materials in Enterprise-grade quality;
  • Conduct research and high-level data analysis based on web sources.

The candidate should have great soft skills and high EQ. Strong video call discipline is a must (being on time, looking at the screen / camera, not distracting).

Any knowledge related to website development or digital marketing would be a great plus.

It is important to be available for at least 4 hours that overlap with US Eastern time zone workday (9AM — 1PM Eastern, which translates to 4PM — 8PM Ukraine time).

If this is all about you, we look forward to your resume.