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1 серпня 2022

Senior Algorithms Software Engineer

за кордоном, віддалено

ZFORT is seeking an Algorithms Software Engineer to join the team and help develop and maintain the pathing algorithms of its flight control software. This is where we plan routes, avoid mobile obstacles during flight, and ensure performance with limited time and power requirements. Physical and computational safety and debuggability of the pathing choices are a priority. The software is provided as an API and built to run in the cloud (i.e.,AWS) and disconnected environments (i.e., a drone that has lost radio connectivity).


  • Help shape the architecture of the evolving product
  • Mentor and guide junior team members
  • Classify problems, identify best practices, apply computer science fundamentals, along with cutting-edge technology to build secure, scalable, robust, durable, and future-proof products
  • Design, code, test, and integrate system-level software to perform multi-sensor resource management, processor scheduling, and other sensor processing utility functions
  • Develop raw data acquisition and processing resource management on a multi-node heterogeneous backend
  • Benchmark and document performance results of software


  • 5+ years of commercial development experience
  • Fluency in C++ compiled to x86_64 and ARM architectures required
  • Understand how memory and compute tradeoffs affect hardware performance
  • Experience with Docker, Python, Qt, and GPGPU languages a plus
  • Knowledge of existing pathing algorithms and geospatial computing a plus
  • Experience with robotics, embedded development, and related hardware a plus
  • Great software design and implementation skills
  • Excellent English speaking and writing skills. Experience in working with English speaking customers is required

We offer:

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Professional trainings, conferences and certifications
  • Corporate events and benefits
  • Professional literature
  • English courses
  • Discount program

If you feel interested in this position, please send your CV to: [email protected]