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2 травня 2022

Front-end Tech Lead (вакансія неактивна)

за кордоном, віддалено

Right now ZFORT is looking for Front-end Technical Lead to the super-product team.

Your challengers:

  • Design architecture of existing and new Spryker features, applications, and services;
  • Lead high-quality technical solutions in your development team to successful results;
  • Engineer for engineers, code that is easy to understand and work with;
  • Guide engineers to high-quality standards by own example and best practices;
  • Work together with other tech leads and architects, design innovative solutions for our customers and partners, and evolve Spryker products with your experience;
  • Design and execute inspiring training programs for internal and external Front-end teams;
  • Run technology investigations, coach, and motivate engineers to disclose the power of agile practices while building good software;
  • Analyze technologies to solve integration problems in projects and bring this knowledge to Spryker Products.

Your profile:

  • Senior- or lead-level expertise, with a minimum of 5 years in Front-end development;
  • Knowledge about professional software engineering e.g. SOLID-principles, Clean Code, Separation of Concerns;
  • Experience with Webpack;
  • Experience with preprocessors (Sass, LESS, etc.);
  • Solid knowledge of accessibility, SEO, and UX aspects of front-end development;
  • Good understanding of cross-browser/platform issues;
  • Strong experience with a responsive web design approach;
  • Understanding of component approach;
  • Strong consulting and architectural skills, and ability to work and clarify business requirements;
  • Strong code review skills;
  • Great communicator with outstanding analytical skills;
  • Passion to share knowledge, guide and navigate others;
  • Excellent written and verbal skills in the English language;
  • Understanding of E-commerce domains, Front-end as a Service or CMS FE is a plus.

Besides our basic requirements, you should feel comfortable with our technology stack. We do not expect that you are an expert in all fields, but some of them should be familiar to you.

  • Front-end: Javascript, TypeScript, Webpack, NPM, web-components, BEM, FE Frameworks based on VueJs (preferable) or Angular 2+
  • System: Vagrant, Saltstack, Docker, Git
  • Backend stack is a plus, but not required: PHP7/8, SQL (eg PostgreSQL/MySql), Redis, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, Twig, Composer

About product:

Spryker enables companies to become digital pioneers in B2B, Unified Commerce, B2C and in marketplaces. The innovative platform-as-a-service solution with over 50 API-based packaged business capabilities (PBC) is cloud-native and its flexibility makes it attractive for companies and developers. The Spryker Cloud Commerce OS has empowered 150+ companies to manage transactions in over 200

countries worldwide and is trusted by brands such as Toyota, Hilti, Lekkerland, Hero, Rose Bikes, and Prym. Our modern offices are located in the digital metropolises of Berlin and Hamburg, as well as in other locations such as Amsterdam and New York. We are taking new markets by storm!

The international Spryker team is constantly working with new, exciting customers, technologies, innovative approaches and is looking for talented people who want to revolutionize the digital commerce world with us.