Zeller, which is backed by leading VCs, is a collective of experienced payment and tech industry professionals who are aiming to redefine business banking and the way Australian businesses get paid by their customers. With an exciting roadmap of innovative new products under development we are building a high performing team to take on the incumbents.
1 июля 2020

Full Stack Engineer (Senior / Mid) (вакансия неактивна)

удаленно от $4000

Необходимые навыки

— Analytical and be able to work with fuzzy requirements
— Methodologically translate discussions with stakeholders, documents, own research findings into technical designs and implementation steps
— Build to last and go production mindset versus build as proof-of-concept
— Strong background in software engineering and design patterns
— Experience in microservices and serverless architecture
— Knowledge in architecture patterns such as; CQRS, event-sourcing
— Proficient in Typescript, NodeJS
— Experience with NestJs
— Good with Java, ReactJS + Redux
— Good knowledge in multi-threaded and socket programming
— Instinctive desire to maintain code quality, tidiness and zero technical debt,
— Strong focus on test coverage (practice TDD, BDD)
— Good with API and its design/protocol e.g. Restful, Websocket, SOAP
— Good understanding of Request/Response vs Async protocol
— Can work with various databases to match query and storage requirements e.g. DynamoDB, SQL, DocumentDB
— Experience in cloud native architecture
— Understanding of data lake and data warehousing
— Knowledge in secured coding e.g. OWASP, XSS, CORS
— Experience in authentication standards and platforms e.g. JWT, OAuth, Identity Federation
— Appreciation and know-how in CICD
— Experience in AWS Cloud environment
— Lambda, API Gateway
— SNS, SQS, EventBridge, Step Functions
— ElastiCache
— Loading Balancing, Route53, CloudFront, ECS, ECR, Auto-Scaling
— S3, RDS, DynamoDB, DocumentDB
— CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy
— CloudWatch logs, events, triggers
— CloudTrail, X-Ray
— Proven track record in developing and maintaining mission-critical high-load production systems with SLA 99.999%
Proven track record in supporting rapid and agile product deployments to different environments — dev, test, stress-testing, staging/production.

Будет плюсом

— Experience in working within a high-growth environment
— Experience in other cloud platforms (Azure, Google)
— Experience in other programming languages
— Experience in other mobile development e.g. Android
— Experience in payments
— Experience with PCI compliant environments (PCI-DSS, etc)


— Be part of something big from the outset
— A balanced, progressive and supportive work environment
— Competitive salary


As a Full Stack Developer you will be responsible for architecting and developing cloud native, highly available, robust and secure applications in the AWS environment. You will have experience in web, mobile, backend, API and database development.

With automation and maintenance being at the heart of our engineering principles, this position will have the enviable opportunity to adopt and promote best practices, bleeding edge technologies and trends. Not limited to a single product area or type, this role will work in a cross functional team with skill sets in full stack software engineering, devops, infrastructure, quality assurance to architect. You will collaborate with a cross-disciplinary team to own product software development, contribute and promote standards and engineering best practices, support operational activities such as; process automation, compliance activities, SLA upkeep requirements.

You’ll be tasked with translating business or product requirements into technical designs, hands-on implementation of the designs to see through its testing and deployment into various environments such as; development, stress testing, integration testing, staging and production. You will enjoy the fun of development from scratch in some application components while adhering to the company engineering standards, frameworks and best practices. You will also be a collaborative engineer capable of observing and contributing to existing works by other team members. Automation and maintenance is key, you will be excited to see through your contributions into production and maintain their longevity in the mission-critical environment.

О проекте

Zeller was formed in early 2020, just prior to the Covid-19 crisis, with the goal of helping Australian businesses get access to better payment and banking services. While the disparity between the number of entrepreneurial businesses and the payment solutions available was already stark, the pandemic only highlighted the need for businesses to have access to better payment tools and banking resources. Along with the rest of the country, we saw established businesses struggle and in many cases shut down. Seeing what the business community is going through, we believe our mission is more relevant than ever.

When Australia emerges from this crisis and the business community starts getting back on its feet, we want to be there to help. We have no doubt that following such periods of hardship we will see unprecedented levels of resilience and entrepreneurialism that embody the Australian spirit. Our goal is to partner with these businesses battling their way back by providing the technology and services that will help them thrive.

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