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21 травня 21:24

Oleksii Novokhatskyi, Software Engineer, Co-Founder of Purport (purportapp.com)

I worked in a company for more than 3 years.

If you’re looking for job in Ukrainian outsourcing company — you should choose Zazmic and that’s few reasons why:

1. Family. It’s hard to enter even a small company and feel like home. Even after years we meet each other, consult if there is a need etc. I had a great teams of great people here.

2. Growth. I progressed as a developer, technical lead, interviewer, mentor (of a special JS interns program, created inside the company). Started to write articles and perform as a speaker on IT conferences during work at Zazmic. Also I’ve received Google Cloud Architect certification (company has a Google Cloud Partnership).

3. Remote. Zazmic was always remote and all big companies only started copying this approach a few years ago.

Highly recommend.

Підтримали:  Elena Iakovleva


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