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до 20 специалистов

Zazend is an international outsourcing and outstaffing company. The main directions in which our company specializes are web development and development of mobile applications, as well as E-comerce. Together we are moving towards a goal and are a real family in which synergy reigns. Focus on long-term partnership and friendship with customers and employees. The Zazend family is a team of friendly, dedicated professionals who love to develop interesting projects. The growth of a person in professional and personal terms is what really inspires!

We say “yes” of innovation and a new look at management!

A democratic and flexible environment is a positive factor that makes it easy and pleasant to work in Zazend, while receiving only positive emotions.

European values ​​in everything — this is what we pursue at the level of the company’s mission. Everyone at Zazend gets the opportunity to self-realize, grow professionally, feel comfortable and work as productively as possible! We do what we love and we can do.

Concentration on quality, service and performance — leads us to the goal “TOP 20 best IT companies in Ukraine!”

The success of Zazend is directly dependent on each employee, so we understand the importance of the balance of work and personal life, invest in the development of all specialists and give the opportunity to become part of not just the company, but a whole family in which there is complete understanding.