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We are — a Ukrainian product company founded by industry experts with experience in software development, sales & marketing, coming from both startup and large enterprise environments.
24 января 2021

Platform Engineer / DevOps / Platform Team (вакансия неактивна)


Hey, I’m Igor Tamashchuk, the Head of Platform team at YouScan, and I’m looking for a platform engineer to help YouScan deliver the service to the customers.

Tell me about your company

YouScan is a social media listening solution that gives businesses the ability to become better by listening to their customers.

We’re responsible for building the analytical platform that gives insights from 300M+ new posts in social media daily.

YouScan was recognized as #1 solution in Visual Analytics in the world in Martech Challenge conducted by independent experts.

Our customers are Pepsico, Google, L’Oreal, Nestle, and many other well-known brands.

We’re proud to be a Ukrainian product company with a strong internal culture.

Our infrastructure complexity grows up dramatically, so we’re always looking for new engineers to join our team in the Kyiv office.

Tell me about your team

The entire engineering department works on collecting billions of social media posts daily, processing them with cutting-edge data science models for texts, trends and visual analytics (some of them are open-sourced), and providing meaningful insights to our customers.

The Platform team helps the other teams deliver their services and data to the customers reliably, straightforwardly, and cost-effectively.

We’re managing a fleet of hundreds of servers, hosting the hundreds of thousands of terabytes of data distributed between multiple hosting providers.

We treat our service as an internal product we’re building for our customers in other teams. But still, we’re responsible for some infrastructure and architectural expertise, participating in design sessions.

What would be my responsibilities if I apply?

You will manage all aspects of YouScan infrastructure on different cloud/hosting providers. Network topology for growing infrastructure becomes essential, and any improvements there are welcome.

You’ll be involved in the process of SDLC and orchestration platform consolidation.

Our platform consists of multiple moving parts. Automation is the way to deal with increasing complexity, and we’re expecting you will write some code to cover this.

Communication and expertise sharing is our priority. You’ll be participating in design and training sessions with all engineering teams.

What’s your stack and tools?

Our primary cloud is Microsoft Azure. We’re using Terraform for infrastructure provisioning in IaC manner. We have some Ansible/AWX playbooks for post-provisioning controls, but we’re tending to treat our infrastructure as disposable in the vast majority of cases.

We’re using Jenkins as our primary CI/CD facility, but also we’re looking at GitLab as potential replacement. TeamCity/Octopus are still aboard for a few legacy projects, but they’re decommissioning now.

Docker Swarm is our orchestration platform right now, but we’re working on transitioning to some managed Kubernetes service (yeah, it’s going to be interesting).

We’re storing the collected data in multiple differently sized Elasticsearch clusters.

YouScan services produce a significant load on our servers, and we need to observe the metrics all around the fleet and fire the alerts when something suspicious is detected using ELK and Prometheus.

We’re using Shape Up process to determine the next projects we’ll be working on.

Sounds good, what are your requirements?

We’re looking for a real teammate — you share your vision, communicate, bring in your ideas.

The person with analytical skills, the ability to manage tons of details easily, and think fast.

The passion for building the systems that brings the value to their users and makes their life easier.

You also listen and hear other points of view, can look with another person’s eyes.

You have a positive mindset, a passion for software development, and get the job done.

We expect you to be a software developer interested in the infrastructure domain or a system administrator interested in software development and product delivery to the customers.

Anything else?

— The dream team of passionate people
— We will pay for your professional development — conferences, courses, books, etc.
— We’re taking serious the need for self-development and you’ll be able to work on educational projects
— You will be able to work remotely occasionally (before & after lockdown)
— Unlimited vacation (yeah, really)
— Intensive english classes
— Medical insurance

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