We are YouScan.io — a Ukrainian product company founded by industry experts with experience in software development, sales & marketing, coming from both startup and large enterprise environments.
19 февраля 2019

Senior Backend Engineer / C# .NET / Data Team (вакансия неактивна)

Hey, I’m Andri Didych, the Head of Data team at YouScan,
and I’m looking for great engineers to help us collect and structure more data from the Internet.

Tell me about your team

You may have heard the joke that data is the new oil,
believe it or not, but we really are fueling the entire company:)

We’re responsible for collecting, structuring and storing huge amounts of data,
100M+ new mentions in social media daily.

We run a standalone process to keep up-to-date with engagement and reactions to previously indexed posts and to make our collection fast but cost-effective we calculate different online ranks.

Tell me about your company

YouScan.io is a social media listening solution,
that gives businesses the ability to become better by listening to their customers.

We’re a Ukrainian product company with a strong internal culture.

Each year we double our social media coverage, so we’re always looking for for a professional to join our Data team in the Kyiv office.

What would be my responsibilities if I apply?

You will improve and expand handling of major sources, make it faster and more cost-effective.
You’ll work on ranking mechanisms and data discovery.
We also consider you to improve crawlers, make them more smart but without sacrifices in their predictability.

You will write code, tests and participate in architecture discussions.
We also expect you to deploy code to production, cover it with metrics, and support it running.

What’s your stack and tools?

We use C# as our main language, always relying on async IO and utilizing TPL DataFlow for complicated processing pipelines.
Microservices are hosted primarily on Azure and communicate via Azure Queues with retries and quarantines.
Storage: Azure Tables + a lot of Elasticsearch. Somewhere Redis and even MSSql.
We’re actively moving to .NET Core, use Docker/Docker Swarm, write our Infrastructure as a code, run it with Terraform. Deployment via Teamcity+Octopus moving to Jenkins+Nexus.
We love predictability: metrics on Prometeus + ELK for logs + Zabbix, alerts integration to Slack.
Oh, and Fiddler + TestDriven code runner, can’t imagine a day without them:)

Sounds good, what’s your requirements?

First of all we’re looking for a real teammate — we want you to communicate, share your vision, bring in your own ideas. We also want you to listen and hear other points of view, be able to look with other person’s eyes.

We want people with a positive mindset, and with a passion for software development.

From technical perspective we expect you to know how to process and store a lot of data, use async IO whenever possible, and write human readable code.

Anything else?

— We will pay for your professional development — conferences, courses, books etc.
— You will be able to work remotely occasionally
— Unlimited vacation (yeah, really)
— Self-education Fridays