Вітання! Ми — YouScan , успішна продуктова компанія родом з України, чим ми надзвичайно пишаємось.
14 мая 2021

Senior Backend Engineer / C# .NET / Data Team (вакансия неактивна)

Hey, I’m Andri Didych, Lead of the Data Team at YouScan,
and I’m looking for great product engineers to help us collect and structure more data from the Internet.


YouScan.io is a social media intelligence solution that helps brands to become better by listening to their customers on social media.
We’re a Ukrainian product company with a strong internal culture.
Each year we double our social media coverage, so we’re always looking for a professional to join our team in the Kyiv office.


We’re responsible for collecting, structuring, and storing huge amounts of data, ~400M new mentions from social media daily.
Our team is 6 people at the moment, and we’re looking for one more to join.


─ You will expand data collection for major social platforms, make it faster and more cost-effective.
─ We also consider you to improve our crawlers, make them smarter, but still predictable. You’ll work on ranking & discovery mechanisms.
─ You will dive deep into various small and large social platforms to understand their mechanics and opportunities to get more value for our clients.
─ You will participate in architectural discussions, write clean code, and deploy it to production (we deploy many times a day).
─ We also expect you to support your code running in production — proper monitoring with metrics, logs, and alerts will be your friend.

Stack and tools:

We use C# as our main language, always relying on async IO and utilizing TPL DataFlow for complicated processing pipelines.
Microservices are hosted on Azure. We extensively use Azure Queues and Tables Services for communication and storage, and Redis when needed.
We’re using .NET Core and Docker Swarm, write our Infrastructure as a code, run it with Terraform. We use Jenkins for build and deploy.
We love predictability: metrics on Prometheus + ELK for logs, alerts integration to Slack. Fiddler and TestDriven code runner are our daily tools as well.


We’re looking for a real teammate ─ you share your vision, communicate, bring in your own ideas.
The person with analytical skills, the ability to manage tons of details easily, and think fast.
You also listen and hear other points of view, can look with another person’s eyes.
You have a positive mindset, a passion for software development, and get the job done.

From a technical perspective, we expect you to know how to process and store lots of data, have some Azure Table /Queue Storage experience, and write human-readable code.

Anything else:

─ The dream team of passionate people
─ We will pay for your professional development ─ conferences, courses, books, etc.
─ You will be able to work remotely occasionally (before & after COVID)
─ Unlimited vacation (yeah, really)
─ Self-education/innovation Fridays