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We are YouScan.io — a Ukrainian product company founded by industry experts with experience in software development, sales & marketing,
coming from both startup and large enterprise environments.
YouScan.io is a SaaS platform which provides real-time monitoring and analytics of brand mentions
on social networks, blogs, forums, review sites and online news.
Used by PR, Marketing, Client Service departments to:
— manage brand’s online reputation;
— discover consumer insights and social media audiences involved in discussions,
find brand influencers and detractors;
— provide customer support on social media.
We are proud to be acknowledged as an expert in our industry,
we’ve been rated #1 social media monitoring platform in CIS in AdIndex Technology Index 2016.
We do some real hot stuff here, take a look at the business breakfast we held at our office
dedicated to Machine Learning and NLP at scale youscan.io/2017/07/breakfast-ai
If you’re motivated to work at a recognized product company where you can instantly see the value you deliver to people, you “Think positive” and you’re a good team player — then head up here & join us!

Our culture: blog.youscan.io/2014/12/our-culture.html
Instagram: instagram.com/youscan.io
DOU revisor at Kyiv office: dou.ua/...​cles/dou-revisor-youscan

Our beloved terrace with sun panels from a bird’s eye view