Yedynka DGTL

21...80 спеціалістів
Київ, Ужгород, Краків (Польща)

YedynkaDGTL is an independent digital agency with 12 years’ experience in creating complex digital and web solutions that positively influence on the environment and society.

We work with a wide range of well-known global brands and local organizations, as well as start-ups, media and NGOs.

We have built a strong multifunctional team with strong web-development, design and marketing expertise. This enables us to design and implement complex solutions for our clients with subsequent maintenance and technical support for these products.

We are based and driven by such values as honesty, mutual respect, proactivity and social responsibility. We strive to build trustful relationships with our customers. That is why 72% of our customers stay with us for many years.

We are honored to contribute to success of a number of Ukrainian and foreign media- projects and brands.

We continue keeping our focus on social initiatives and assisting socially responsible businesses to make greater impact.

We are proud that we had a chance to contribute to success of such brands as Deutsche Welle, IMI, Detektor Media, Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar, Porsche, Suzuki, EBRD, EUAM, Enoricon (Norwey), Bancore (Belgium) and other great companies and organisations.