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Faza Rosta — is a company that is an absolute leader in a niche of online education, in the field of psychology of relationships and personality development in Russian-language space.

A company follows principle “Value is higher than price”, therefore all our products of high quality — we confirm it by the financial guarantee of result. We are the owners of LMS platform where more than 3000 students are educating every month. Our trainers are professionals with international confession, and the department of client service not simply decides technical questions, but takes care of every client.

Our achievements:
— more than 50000 clients that got a result and confirmed it by the review
— 25 countries — our geography broadens with every start
— 12 projects and more than 100 starts are the educational programs for women, training for men, programs for parents
— NPS on the products of 75%
— the company scaled operationally in 4 times in 2018