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1 июля 2021

Full Stack Software Developer (Python/JavaScript) (вакансия неактивна)

удаленно $1500–3000

For ongoing full time work on existing e-learning product

If this describes you:

— You’ve seen several projects through to completion in similar roles, and either has worked or are comfortable working with, teams of various sizes.

— Have an eye for idiomatic, readable, and performant Python 2/3 code, and experience with linters/debuggers/profilers/etc. which help reach these goals.

— Your background is React+Redux+Babel+Webpack.

— You’ve worked with some kind of MVC framework.

— Comfortable with at least intermediate-level queries in MongoDB and/or PostgreSQL.

— Experienced with Git and comfortable using a branch+tag workflow model that leans heavily on GitHub’s Pull Request utilities

— Have experience with Django or Flask.

— Have experience with JavaScript at or after the ES6 turning point.

Bonus: DevOps experience of any form.