Yalantis has been providing software development services for over 12 years, helping clients around the world implement their ideas and create projects that contribute to business growth. We work on projects in the domains of healthcare, real estate, logistics, and telecommunications for clients in the US, Western Europe, and the Middle East.
26 апреля 2021

Application Architect / Programming language enthusiast

Киев, Днепр, удаленно

During our twelve-year journey, we help our clients to create applications and enterprise ecosystem from
scratch in order to achieve their business goals.
We’re looking for a strong Application Architect with passion for programming languages and knowledge of
Go (Golang). If you always wanted to create your own programming language — you’r our guy :)


— Talk to the business to understand business and technical requirements for a project
— Translate the requirements and product vision into a system architecture
— Cooperate with other technology experts to produce a solid solution
— Document project architecture, use modelling diagrams
— Communicate technical constraints and decisions to the business
— Elaborate system quality attributes (such as performance, scalability, availability, fault-tolerance, security,
upgradability, customisability, etc.)
— Provide architecture mapping to technologies, frameworks and 3rd party products including UI, middleware,
data storage, security, infrastructure, etc.
— Evaluate and select candidate solutions including 3rd party software and open source
— Clearly convey technical ideas to the development team
— Act as a decision maker at the project level and an arbiter between multiple dev teams
— Train and mentor development team members in the principles of architecture
— Collaborate with other architects across the organisation to develop best practices
— Have ability to travel to client site

These will help you do the job:

— Understanding of programming language building principles and willing to participate in creation of one
— At least basic experience in compiler / interpreter / translator creation
— Proficient knowledge of Go programming language
— Proficient knowledge of AWS
— Proficient knowledge of Postgres
— Proficient knowledge of industry recognized architectural patterns and styles
— Proficient knowledge of design patterns, design approaches and concepts (Inversion of Control, Separation
of Concerns, Design by Contract, Modularity, Web Components, etc)
— Knowledge of typical Content Management Systems architectures
— Proficient knowledge of software quality metrics (Loose coupling, cyclomatic complexity, code coverage,
— Proficient knowledge of coding best practices in Golang
— Proficient knowledge of unit testing best practices in Golang
— Proficient knowledge of configuration management practices
— Understanding of software development company functioning
— Understanding of offshore software development specifics
— Proficient knowledge of Agile methodologies (Scrum) and software development life cycles

What you’ll get from working with us:

— Great compensation and social packages
— Full financial and legal support for private entrepreneurs
— Opportunities for professional growth
— Individual development plan and a mentor to guide you
— Team buildings and corporate activities

We do not invite you to one project, but to a permanent job in our company. We expect our future colleague
to have passion for solving challenging problems and effectively cooperate with the team. Join us and send
your CV to marina.golubitskaya@yalantis.net

Yalantis accepts recommendations for all vacancies under the referral program both for cooperation in the Dnipro and Kyiv, and also for remote work from any city of Ukraine. You can receive a financial reward in case of a successful recommendation, and we will reinforce our great team. You can recommend your candidate here: bit.ly/2MIO1JN