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Yalantis has been providing software development services for over 12 years, helping clients around the world implement their ideas and create projects that contribute to business growth. We work on projects in the domains of healthcare, real estate, logistics, and telecommunications for clients in the US, Western Europe, and the Middle East. Yalantis is characterized by a high level of professionalism at all project stages, from idea analysis to product promotion.


Domains: Supply chain management, Healthcare, Communication platforms;
Platforms: Web backend, Web frontend, Android, iOS;
Infrastructure: AWS, Google cloud, Digitalocean, Heroku;
Languages: Golang, Java, Ruby, Python, Kotlin, Swift, JavaScript (TypeScript, React, Angular, Node);
Databases: PostgresQL, MongoDB, MySQL, DynamoDB, Realm, Redis;
Frameworks backend: Ruby on Rails, Synatra, Hanami, Express, Koa, Nest;
Frameworks frontend: React, Angular;
Automation: Cucumber, TestNG, Selenium WebDriver, RestAssured, Allure, Appium;
Network: REST, GraphQL, Websockets, Protobuf;

Yalantis engages in educational activities and creates an environment where IT specialists can cooperate and share experience. We organize free software development and management schools, meetups, and workshops that help IT professionals modernize their skills.

We are team players and we hire people with a similar outlook, because the success of our team is integral to our own success. We support and motivate each other to achieve our common goals by creating professional development plans, enhancing our expertise, and sharing our knowledge. Yalantis offers a stable and exciting job, IT career opportunities, an enjoyable work environment, and an attractive compensation package.

Check out our website for more details and join us!

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17 мая, Online
Yalantis Python School

25 мая, Online
Yalantis Copywriting School

31 мая, Online
Yalanis Fintech Hiring Spring

10 июня, Online
Yalantis React.js School

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