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Yael Acceptic

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Киев, Харьков

5 вакансий в Киеве, опыт 3…5 лет

  • FullStack Magento Developer Киев, Харьков
    We are searching for a talented Magento Developer to join our engineering team to work at solving interesting challenges daily. About: You will work on a commercial project, which is a platform for ordering lenses, glasses and sunglasses.
  • React Developer Киев, Харьков
    Our company is searching for a proactive React.js Developer to join our professional team. If you are a passionate JavaScript enthusiast, you enjoy tackling new challenges, learning and building things with the latest technologies, this will be an excellent fit for you.
  • Java Engineer Киев
    Our company invites tech-savvy and goal-oriented Java Engineer. You have a great opportunity to join an experienced computer-vision and machine-learning company as a key developer of the “heart” of our Embedded Computer-Vision Systems.
  • We welcome a talented PHP Developer who is open to new opportunities and solutions. The ideal candidate is an experienced, responsible and goal-oriented person. About: The project is a platform which allows App Marketers to receive the most attractive customers.
  • Frontend Magento Developer Киев, Харьков
    Our company is searching for an experienced Frontend Magento Developer to join our growing Magento team.