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4 июня 2019

Algorithms Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

3+ years of algorithm development experience;
1+ year Computer Vision experience;
Master’s Degree or extensive knowledge in signal processing domains;
Experience with Python and its stack (e.g. numpy, pandas, scipy, etc.);
Experience in programming with C/C++;
Great problem-solving skills, and drive for creativity and innovation;
Great Achiever with obsessive drive to complete its missions excellently;
Ability to work in a challenging, dynamic environment within a large team of great engineers;
Upper-intermediate level of English.

Будет плюсом

Work experience with Machine-Learning / Deep-Learning;
Advanced knowledge of C++ and system-level engineering;
Experience in real-time/embedded systems or performance optimization.


Free education: courses, personal certification, field-oriented conferences;
Free English courses three times a week;
Free access to company’s library;
Daily 4 O’clock Tea — time to gather, have a snack and chat;
Sports sections membership included.


Solving real-world computer-vision scenarios;
Integrating signal-processing tools from simulation Python to system-level C++;
Data crunching large video benchmarks until satisfactory results are obtained;
Applying machine-learning techniques both off-line and on-line to our large-scale ground-truth-marked data-sets;
Showing a strong understanding of software development and using it to create algo ideas into bullet-proof software.

О проекте

Our company invites Algorithms Engineer to join the experienced team and work on computer-vision and machine-learning.

You will become a part of a highly professional team working in the field of smart sensors and IoT for the futuristic public smart spaces. This role is in charge of being in the forefront of tackling computer-vision and applying different machine learning techniques at scale on large data-sets and embed these to the application processor to allow real-time real-world computer-vision solution.

Technologies: С/С++, Python, Computer Vision.