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31 августа 2021

Senior Front-End Engineer | Collaborative sales platform

Киев, Харьков, Львов, Днепр, Одесса, Винница, Житомир, Ровно, Ужгород, Чернигов, Черновцы, удаленно

Необходимые навыки

4+ years of software development
Strong FE development experience
Strong knowledge of JavaScript/TypeScript
Software design skills, design patterns
Goal orientation & Problem-solving
Good spoken and written English

Note: You’ll be able to choose a FrontEnd framework as well as state management tool for the project (React/Angular/Vue + Redux/MobX)


— Teams of people who love programming
— Complex technical challenges with big data/AI/high load
— Freedom to make your own engineering decisions and broad space for creativity
— Modern technology stack to work with
— Work remotely or from the office options on a flexible schedule
— Long-lasting projects
— Financial compensation for professional events and education
— Opportunity to choose the equipment you like
— Above-market compensation


Your goal would be to create from scratch the Front End part of a content management system (i.e. search engine) with smart analytics and recommendations.

You’ll be working in a cross-functional fast-paced scrum team on building the product from scratch
You’ll be actively communicating with the product owner and product designer on the feature requirements.
You’ll be responsible for FE architecture, principles and approaches
You’ll be implementing FE logic and layout with big focus on performance & UX
You’ll be collaborating with another FE developer, 2 BE developers and QA engineer

О проекте

We build a new Content Management Platform with a smart search engine for big globally-distributed sales teams.

The product would allow sales managers to execute the search within the multiple unstructured sources of sales materials within their organization and provide insights and recommendation. Sales team will be able to log successful deals in the platform to allow their colleagues who deal with a similar challenges to search, reuse and evaluate the shared experience. Content rating, sharing, and comments we will allow efficient collaboration and improve reuse of insights.

The product will be build with a broad spectrum of tech for storing, processing, indexing, and searching unstructured data of various formats, like videos, GoogleDrive files, web pages, etc.

The technology stack:
— You’ll be able to choose a FrontEnd framework as well as state management tool for the project (React/Angular/Vue + Redux/MobX)
— Other tech: TypeScript, Java 15, Spring, Docker, Kubernetes, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, AWS