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19 січня 2022

DevOps Engineer (вакансія неактивна)

Харків, віддалено

Project description

Product — an energy management platform that brings together energy end-users, installation professionals, and the energy market. Our goal is to make it possible for everyone to be a part of the energy transition. We help end-users to optimize their personal energy transition journey.

3 different teams are working together in one Kubernetes cluster. You will be a part of XTeam, which is working on cross-team concerns, like logging, deployments. We need to have a unified standard the same way to work together in a cluster. Your goal is to establish this common way of working, and coach development teams on some missing knowledge in kubernetes, monitor the cluster and create documentation for the team work.


  • 2+ years of experience with Kubernetes and Terraform;
  • Experience with Azure, AKS;
  • Ability to programm in .NET (junior level will be enough);
  • Practical experience in building CI/CD processes using different tools;
  • Experience in building DevOps processes and Release pipelines;
  • Understanding of release management;
  • Good understanding of Git and successful branching and release strategies and know how to set them up.

Will be a plus

  • Kubernetes certificates;
  • Experience with PHP and/or Java;
  • GitLab CI. Experience in any other system;
  • Ability to advise CTO on best tools to use for ci/cd, based on the requirements;
  • Knowledge of .Net, microservices and willingness to build software (besides executing drops tasks) are a big plus.

What we offer

  • Fair compensation for your effort;
  • The beginning of a new team = opportunities to grow. Possibility of becoming lead and setting up the further team;
  • Health insurance with premium-level clinics;
  • 20 days of vacations and 10 days of paid sick leave;
  • English-speaking clubs, bookclub, corporate parties and cozy evenings, wellbeing events etc;
  • Great stylish office in the central part of Kharkiv.


  • Administration of the Kubernetes cluster;
  • Help development teams to establish/develop deployment standards and guides, monitoring rules, alerts;
  • Monitor cluster for any deviations of the established standard;
  • Identify cluster/cloud configuration issues and fix them.
  • Investigate any issues that can arise within a cluster;
  • Establish CI/CD pipeline, assist development team in building it, make sure that every team is following CI/CD guidelines;
  • Database backups and recovery strategy;
  • Establish monitoring systems, tools and standards, make sure every team is following the standard.