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X1 Group — команда из 80+ профессионалов, занимающихся разработкой крутых технологических проектов с 2009-го года. Только продуктовые долгосрочные команды для EU & USA клиентов с инвестициями и современными технологическими стеками. Модель — аутстаф. Длительность проектов 3+ лет.
15 октября 2020

Full-Stack (ReactJS, Python) Developer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

— 4+ years of advanced Frontend development for web applications, using JavaScript and ReactJS
— 2+ years of backend web development in Python 3
— Knowledge of Python and React test frameworks
— Background in CI/CD, Docker
— Experience working in an agile environment
— Intermediate or higher level of spoken English

Будет плюсом

— Experience with Django and Asyncio
— Experience and understanding of microservice architecture


— Build the product in direct collaboration with the founding and C-level team from Germany
— As an early team member, your work will have a lot of impacts and you’ll help shape the culture of the company
— Work remotely from any location
— Health insurance with premium-level clinics
— Covered 20 days of vacations and 10 days of sick leave
— Last but not least — fair compensation for your efforts


As a Full-Stack Developer, you’ll be responsible for participating in our product development from ideation to deployment and beyond, and then working as part of a team to execute new features or products. The ideal person for this role is a problem-solver with an inquisitive and innovative mind and loves to collaborate with other teams to drive the company forward.

О проекте

scoutbee is a smart German startup, founded in 2015 by purchasing, operations experts and German engineers. It aspires to simplify scouting suppliers. The aim is to improve the transparency of your supplier network. Guys understand the complexities and the tedious, manual process in scouting and sourcing suppliers. They crave to provide more transparency and insights on suppliers. So, they built a software as a service suite, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to make it easy for people that need the right product to find the right supplier with the right product — in a couple of weeks...not a few months. That’s what scoutbee call Smarter Supplier Discovery.

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