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Form.com is a global leader in data collection and business process optimization software. Beginning in 2002, our mission has been quite simple: To help organizations solve their data-driven challenges and become more efficient in the process.
3 мая 2018

Head of Product Management (вакансия неактивна)


Form.com is currently looking to recruit a key role into their management structure, the Head of Product Management. This role is based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The Head of Product Management is responsible for creating and maintaining the product roadmap and delivering product increments in accordance with the scope and timelines identified in the product roadmap.

The Head of Product Management will oversee a team of the Product Managers that cover multiple aspects of the WorldAPP’s products: mobile, reporting and data analytics, data collection, and others. The Head of Product Management will establish the process for finding and quantifying market problems with potential for revenue generation, collecting and documenting product requirements, scheduling the work to be delivered in product increments, following through the development process to guarantee that the product increments are delivered on time and with great level of quality, ensuring the proper streams of communication of Product Managers with the technical side of the organization and the business side of the organization.

The requirements for successful candidate include the following:
1. Strong experience as a Project Manager for complex enterprise software products or platforms.
2. Ability to describe in detail the process for researching, identifying and quantifying market problems, transforming them into software product requirements and prioritizing requirements based on potential revenue impact.
3. Ability to demonstrate strong planning and prioritization skills, as well as successful track record of delivering projects on time and on budget, working with development teams of 20+ people.
4. Fluent English, ability to communicate freely with business stakeholders in the US and Europe.
5. Strong stakeholder management skills, ability to set priorities and stick to the priorities in the world of ever changing requirements, while being open to changing the priorities when they truly need to be changed. Ability to work under uncertainty.
6. Strong understanding of the business values in the enterprise software world, ability to rely on the business values when working with the rest of the team or setting priorities.
7. Strong technical skills, ability to communicate with the development/QA/production teams with the excellent level of mutual understanding. Ability to assess the estimates provided by the teams.
8. High quality standards, ability to make the rest of team to live up to the quality standards. Pragmatic decision making keeping in mind quality.
9. Strong training and leadership skills, ability to inspire and build confidence.

The responsibilities of the Head of Product Ownership will include but be limited to:
1. Maintaining an up-to-date accurate product roadmap for 6 months out.
2. Establishing a process for market problem analysis, quantification and prioritization
3. Ensuring the on-time and high quality delivery of product increments per the definition on the roadmap
4. Management of the Product Management team (Currently 3 PM’s), setting expectations, training, hiring, etc.
5. Management of Design/UX team, help the interface between PM’s and Design.
6. Making sure that team produces excellent requirements for the development, such that accurately reflect the market requirements and deliver the value to the business.
7. Responsible for the process and execution for the Product Managers.
8. Working closely with the VP of Engineering, Head of Development, Head of QA, Head of Production, Finance, HR to ensure that the teams required to deliver the roadmap are properly staffed, trained and managed.
9. Working closely with the business representatives: Executive Team, Sales, Support, Professional Services to create proper priorities for the roadmap

Why Form.com?
• Convenient location (city center, few minutes from a subway station)
• Open-minded team that is always ready to help
• Adequate leadership that sets goals and judges by results
• Opportunities for growth

About us:
Form.com is the Enterprise Platform for Integrated Mobile Forms Solutions. We help mid to large organizations improve how they collect, manage, and leverage data across the enterprise. Our products are deployed by 1000’s of clients around the world including a large number of Fortune 500 companies.

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