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Our mission at Woolf is to make higher education more accessible and ensure that it is globally transferable. We’re building a university for a borderless future, helping a network of colleges around the world maintain excellence in their teaching and receive recognition for their programs.

Woolf is the first global, collegiate higher education institution that lets qualified organizations join as member colleges and offer accredited degrees. Our software helps colleges meet and maintain regulatory and quality standards — managing everything from course creation to degree issuance. Like the member colleges at the University of Oxford or the University of California, Woolf’s colleges have the benefit of being a part of a major higher education institution, while staying independent.

We’re excited to be partnering with First Round Capital, which led our seed financing to help us grow our team, deepen our accreditation activities, and improve our software. We’re also honored to have world-class investors joining this round, including Connect Ventures, Firebolt, Baleen Capital, Oyster, On Deck, and angels like Peter Bachmann, Taavet Hinrikus of Wise, Sten Tamkivi of Teleport, Tony Jamous of OysterHR, Matthew Clifford of Entrepreneurs First, Tyler Cowen, and Charles Songhurst.

We’re building for a future in which thousands of colleges can join Woolf. We want to provide a complete set of accreditation licenses for every program, not only increasing the speed of innovation in higher education, but lowering costs for students, and making high-quality education more widely accessible.