Wizer is a Boston based B2B cybersecurity product company that was founded 2.5 years ago and already has, 8000+ companies from all over the world using it. We believe that cybersecurity is becoming an essential people’s skill and our mission is to make cybersecurity accessible for everyone, everywhere. Wizer approaches security training in a unique and modern way, using microlearning techniques and provides its users with engaging content, including video materials, games, and phishing simulations.

Security is about people. And we are, too.
At the end of the day, security awareness is about protecting people. Our mission at Wizer is to make online safety a basic life skill for every person in today’s digitally connected world.

A New Standard
Wizer is the new standard for Security Awareness Training for SMBs, Enterprise, Government, Nonprofits, and Schools.
Leaders in micro-learning content, you get learning that is relevant and memorable. Our videos engage and educate through short animated explainers and dramatized real-life scams for business and home, giving your program a holistic approach to keeping your people more secure.

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