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WizardsDev is the RnD center of an international IT holding company.

We are a software product company, it was established in 2016. We develop solutions for FinTech, E-learning, Banking, Ecology, Online Stores and other business sectors.

In addition, we assist our partners to generate, develop and implement new generation software products for various business areas. The innovative solutions of our experts meet the challenge of the most ground-breaking business ideas.

We are a company that follows the principles of modern software development: we implement SCRUM, Agile, TDD, CI/CD methodologies to the maximum degree and ensure process quality. We work in an environment of trust and transparency.

Our values:

Communication. No matter which expert makes an assessment, a developer or a manager, we work on quality of communication that relates directly with the outcome of our project.
Spirit. We are inspired by one goal and we are ready to achieve it together. We are working together to reach an overall outcome but also we understand the level of responsibility and the role of each employee.
Respect. It is a key aspect, due to it our company accomplishes all types of work. In the workplace we are building each team’s relationships on the basis of trust and respect. We are open to new ideas and we take into account an opinion of every member of a project.
Drive. We reach assigned aims without loss of quality. We do love and we are proud of employees who pursue excellence. We highly appreciate our leaders’ initiative and drive just because their vibe leads the project and a team to the best outcome.

Why should you choose us?
— We have offices in three major cities of Ukraine: Dnipro, Kyiv, Kharkiv and collaborate remotely around the world.
— More than 500 professionals just in Ukraine.
— Teams are located in countries that border with Ukraine and far away countries.
— We support the growth and development of each professional. Nowadays 10 graduates of our college are in top management positions.
— We develop corporate training programmes for our employees, and also reimburse the tuition costs of training courses offered by other resources.
— We encourage and motivate our employees to follow a healthy lifestyle. Together we run marathons, walk at least 8k steps per day and get into healthy habits. We offer medical insurance for every employee and provide compensation for sport activities.

We are always happy to get an email from you on [email protected]

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