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  • We are: Wix’s fast-growing UX guild. The role we play at Wix is crucial. In fact, we own product experience, taking charge of both the functional (UX) and the visual (UI).
  • We are: Wix’s Operations guild, the force behind Wix’s product execution, helping to achieve our company’s vision by turning strategy into practice every day. We pride ourselves on getting things done.
  • We are: Wix’s Automation Innovation team where lead developers shape the architecture and design of our automation infrastructure and tools.
  • We are: Wix’s Media Group, the team responsible for storing and organizing the pictures, movies, music and data of our 100+ million users. We handle over petabyte of data and our team is constantly examining and using the latest in cloud technology and methodology.
  • Operations Manager Днепр
    We are: Wix’s Operations Team — we’re the heart of the office, keeping the vibe fun, focused and fast-paced. We work on building and growing our Ukraine site, with the goal of making it a world-class R&D innovation center.
  • We are: Wix’s communication team. Our mission is to tell our story to the right audience, in the right way and connect Wix people from all around the world to the bigger picture.
  • We are: Wix’s Front End Engineering group with an engineering culture that embraces cutting-edge technologies, TDD, performance and clean code for our highly scalable systems that support Wix’s over 100 million users.
  • QA Engineer Днепр
    We are: A team of driven, creative people who work together to remove any barriers for Wix users in the action of building their websites, so they always have a stunning experience.
  • Recruiter Днепр
    We are: Wix’s HR team. We’re a creative, proactive team of people who take time to listen, explore and analyze while leaving room for intuition when making decisions. We do HR the Wix way — meaning we make sure to have fun as part of work and take nothing for granted.
  • We are: Wix’s Data Org team — a multi-functional team that solves Big Data engineering problems across a broad range of Wix services. We manage a large-scale, high-availability, rapidly-growing Big Data infrastructure that supports Petabytes of data.
  • We are: Wix’s Customer Solutions team — a group of experts who use our unique understanding of Wix products to provide support and inspiration to over 145 million users around the world!


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