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9 октября 2017

Security Analyst (вакансия неактивна)


The security analyst is responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of data. The security analyst has to have knowledge of every aspect of information security within the company. The security analyst main job is to analyze the security measures of a company and determine how effective they are. The security analyst must work with business administrators, developers as well as IT professionals in communicating flaws in security systems. The ideal candidate will have strong communication skills, matrix management capabilities, in-depth knowledge of systems, automation, and experience with a variety of security technologies


— Experience designing network- and OS-level monitoring systems to detect and prevent malicious activity
— Experience with vulnerability scan tools such as Nessus, Qualys, MVM, etc...
— In-depth understanding of authentication protocols, applied cryptography, key management, PKI and SSL/TLS
— Experience with SIEM solutions and log aggregation tools.
— Proficiency in the prevention, detection, and mitigation of DDoS attacks
— Experience with a variety of open source software.
— Experience with security product such as: IDS/IPS, Sandbox, endpoint security, etc...
— Experience in incident response and security forensic
— Strong networking foundations: TCP/IP, DNS, Load-balancers, network security.
DHCP, etc
— Coding capabilities — advantage
— Experience / background in Product Security — advantage
— Experience in penetration testing — an advantage
— B.S. degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Security, or equivalent experience


— Design and plan the implementation LAN, WAN and network security on a global scale.
— Provide security domain expertise on network, encryption and authentication services
— Audit our IT and production infrastructure, identify and triage security problems within the IT and production environments.
— Monitor IT and Production systems and investigate anomalous activity.
— Develop, document and manage disaster recovery procedures to ensure systems availability.
— Ensure that systems are properly secured.
— Help Product & Developers follow security best practices
— Build creative tools and services to detect and remediate security issues

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