Wix makes it possible for anyone to succeed online. Since 2006, we’ve grown to 5,000 employees in 17 countries, launched over 40 products, and serve over 230 million users and their visitors worldwide. At Wix, we push you to innovate, evolve in non-traditional ways, and grow outside your comfort zone.
20 березня 2024

Android Engineer


Job Description

  • Develop and maintain the Android POS Platform, a suite of 10+ applications and various libraries and modules
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of feature development, from initial discussions with product teams, defining requirements, and providing estimates, to coding in collaboration with the team, delivering robust solutions to end-users
  • Integrate with 3rd party SDKs and applications
  • Advocate and present chosen architectures to the team, playing an active role in the evolution of our tech stack
  • Proactively participate in technical discussions to improve existing architecture and developer experience


  • A self-motivated professional with a strong sense of ownership and drive, with with a minimum of 3 years experience in Android development
  • An overall understanding of Android framework, including the Android SDK, Java, and Kotlin
  • Familiarity with Kotlin Coroutines, Jetpack Compose, and Android Architecture components
  • Good understanding of software design patterns such as MVC, MVP, and MVVM, and experience implementing them in Android applications
  • Experience with Dependency Injection frameworks like Dagger or Koin, as well as CI/CD pipelines, build automation and continuous integration tools such as Jenkins or Github Actions
  • Experience with UI testing frameworks such as Espresso or UI

About the team

Wix’s POS (Point of sale) team, a business solution for brick and mortar businesses in the US and Canada market. Wix provides a complete ecosystem, including hardware, payment processing, and inventory management in order to allow brick-and-mortar stores to unify and manage their online and offline sales. Our POS eco-system is built from several Android applications for custom hardware with its own release system and pipeline. We are planning to evolve POS into a full platform for different Wix services and for third parties.

About Wix:

Wix makes it possible for anyone to succeed online.

Since 2006, we’ve grown to 5,000 employees in 17 countries, launched over 40 products, and serve over 230 million users and their visitors worldwide.

At Wix, we push you to innovate, evolve in non-traditional ways, and grow outside your comfort zone. We operate in small teams that work closely together to create incredible things.

Although we’re already industry leaders in web creation and business, our work is nowhere near done. Our goal is to become the main engine of the Internet so we can create a more open web for all.

We’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Wix was built around the idea that everyone has the right to be successful, online. This same vision defines us as an employer: creating a work environment where everyone is welcome, and anyone has the right to succeed.