Wix makes it possible for anyone to succeed online. Since 2006, we’ve grown to 5,000 employees in 17 countries, launched over 40 products, and serve over 230 million users and their visitors worldwide. At Wix, we push you to innovate, evolve in non-traditional ways, and grow outside your comfort zone.
11 березня 2024

Office Coordinator (вакансія неактивна)


Job Description

  • Be responsible for our office in Kyiv, take initiative in solving issues and completing tasks (independently and with the involvement of your manager)
  • Manage facilities and services such as furniture, office equipment, supplies, snacks and food, deliveries, and more
  • Collaborate with many different teams including Legal, Finance, HR, Studio,
  • Internal Communications and others to set goals and achieve results
  • Take charge of onboarding new employees, introducing visitors to the office, ensuring guests are comfortable and connected with the right office personnel
  • Provide basic support for internal and external events (meet, greet, show around the office, be present during the event to make sure everything runs smoothly)
  • Perform basic bookkeeping activities and update the accounting system
  • Support with travel arrangements for UA team


  • A passionate chaos coordinator with 1+ years experience in office administration in the technology industry
  • Strong and effective communication skills, and upper-intermediate level English (spoken and written)
  • You have planning experience and can easily adjust to a rapidly changing environment
  • You’re a fast learner, attentive to details, and you know how to take ownership to get things done
  • You’re approachable, exceptionally well-organized, and excellent with time management
  • You love being the go-to person when someone has a question because you usually know the answer — and if you don’t, you won’t stop until you find someone who does
  • You’re patient and open-minded, take initiative, and can juggle multiple tasks like a pro

About the team

We are Wix’s Site Operations Guild. We ensure the Wix office runs smoothly and effectively and take care of employee experience and well-being. We do well-being the Wix way — with fun as one of our core values. And because we’re such a dynamic and diverse company, we’re constantly pushing the limits and innovating the employee experience.

About Wix:

Wix makes it possible for anyone to succeed online.

Since 2006, we’ve grown to 5,000 employees in 17 countries, launched over 40 products, and serve over 230 million users and their visitors worldwide.

At Wix, we push you to innovate, evolve in non-traditional ways, and grow outside your comfort zone. We operate in small teams that work closely together to create incredible things.

We’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Wix was built around the idea that everyone has the right to be successful, online. This same vision defines us as an employer: creating a work environment where everyone is welcome, and anyone has the right to succeed.