Wix makes it possible for anyone to succeed online. Since 2006, we’ve grown to 5,000 employees in 17 countries, launched over 40 products, and serve over 230 million users and their visitors worldwide. At Wix, we push you to innovate, evolve in non-traditional ways, and grow outside your comfort zone.
10 липня 2023

Server Engineer - Platform Engineering (вакансія неактивна)


About Wix:

Wix makes it possible for anyone to succeed online. Since 2006, we’ve grown to 5,000 employees in 17 countries, launched over 40 products, and serve over 230 million users and their visitors worldwide. At Wix, we push you to innovate, evolve in non-traditional ways, and grow outside your comfort zone. We operate in small teams that work closely together to create incredible things.

Although we’re already industry leaders in web creation and business, our work is nowhere near done. Our goal is to become the main engine of the Internet so we can create a more open web for all.

What you’ll do:

  • Play an active role in researching and developing Wix’s platform projects and agenda
  • Lead efforts to enhance the entire microservices development cycle by reducing the cognitive load for developers
  • Address developer pain points such as improving data access, optimizing event-driven workflows, and facilitating migrations
  • Help build the right abstractions around our services communication, data access layer, messaging, scheduling, and mass data migrations


  • Passionate Backend Developer with 7+ years of backend development experience.
  • You’re self-motivated, proactive, and possess a lot of empathy for the developer experience.
  • You have a broad knowledge of modern backend frameworks, tools, and architecture.
  • You’re experienced in designing, building, and maintaining large-scale distributed systems.
  • You understand system architecture and design patterns.
  • You have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and can collaborate well with cross-functional teams.

We are:

Wix’s Platform Engineering group. We provide integrated tools for microservice development within Wix to help improve developer productivity. These tools streamline the development process and reduce cognitive load allowing Wix engineers to concentrate on what really matters: their domain, architecture, and business logic. Our platform needs to support the ever-growing scale of Wix which serves 4.5B REST requests a day by running 2500 microservices managed by 500 backend engineers. We set the tone and standards for Wix’s developer culture and best practices. We treat our platform as a product, and our developers as customers.