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10 сентября 2021

Senior Frontend Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


We are:

The Innovation Team at Wix. We create advanced developer tools and new technologies for the web. Our current project is building an IDE for React components that can be used concurrently by programmers and designers. As of today, there is no classic back-end with API and database. Instead, there are a few Node processes, web workers, and the product can run in a browser or as an Electron app. We are on a mission to make the existing product feature-complete while allowing users to work with it without any download or local installation and get the full capacity of features on a browser.

Check our product here: www.wixcomponentstudio.com

We’re building a new team in Lviv and we’re looking for strong, experienced developers who will take a significant part in shaping this new team and setting its core building blocks.

You are:

An exceptional front-end engineer with 5+ years of experience working on large-scale projects with a good level of technical English. You know at least one modern framework such as React, Angular, or Vue, and you have strong fundamentals as well.

Bonus points if you have experience with:
TypeScript and React
Test-driven development (Jest, Mocha, Puppeteer)
Build tools and pre-processors such as Webpack, Rollup, PostCSS
Node.js and other server-side technologies
Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

As a Senior Engineer, you will:

Build rich multi-environment TypeScript / React applications
Solve complex problems, such as creating a GUI for Git, React component tree inspector, and visual CSS editor
Work on new web technologies and leave your mark on them
Be part of the Wix Innovation Team and work in close collaboration with top-notch engineers from Ukraine, Israel, and Germany