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22 вересня 2020

Senior Data Scientist (вакансія неактивна)


We are:

A top-notch data-driven company. We’re growing so fast (180M users) that we’re collecting more data than we can monetize. Our Data Science group consists of ~50 people, of which there are 20+ data scientists, and others (engineering, curation and labeling) that help us make our projects successful and impactful for Wix. We apply SOTA Machine Learning techniques to Wix’s data to improve the product, internal processes and personalization for users, which in turn improves our profitability. And that’s where you come in.

We’re looking for a talented data genius to work in our amazing company. It’s well known that we have a unique atmosphere here at Wix and people really like to work here, probably because the company’s culture is employee-at-first (after the customer of course :)

You are:

Kind of a unicorn, that is, an End-to-End Data Scientist. For us, this means you’re a data guy (or gal) with data x-ray eyes. You’re proficient in SQL and have experience in slice and dice big data. You’re also a scientist who can speak and sketch about conditional probabilities, entropies & embeddings as if it was your mother tongue. Although you can’t think in more than 3 dimensions, we expect you to know the math of high dimensions, where our data resides.

A Machine Learning practitioner, your arsenal is full of sharp ML tools. You deeply understand classical ML & DL algs for the whole spectrum of problems and domains: Computer Vision, NLP, Recommendation Systems, Supervised & Unsupervised Learning. You’ll need them all! A business mind who can speak the business language, you know how to work across all levels and areas of the company with various stakeholders. You’re an impressive communicator at all levels.

You’re also a programmer who’s experienced in coding (preferably Python) your algorithms into production. And it goes without saying that you’re an awesome human being, the kind of person we want to hang out with in the pub at night (and we do).

As a Data Scientist @ Wix, you will:

Find the needle in our Big Data haystack! We seriously have tons of it — we know this is the kind of hype you’ll hear from a lot of companies, but we’ve got the data to back it up. We collect endless amounts of data every second... waiting for you to crunch them into actionable insights.
Get to work on extremely diverse problems and domains.
Create an impact by applying Machine Learning techniques and models to Wix’s enormous piles of data
Directly influence the way Wix does business by leading research projects and eventually implement them in production within the Wix ecosystem.
Work collaboratively with other team members.
Strive to learn new stuff and lead us to continue being a State-of-the-Art group.
Take the time needed to grow professionally. Once in a while you’ll step out of your box and work on other different problems — whatever you choose!

Reap the full benefits of Wix’s guilds-companies structure which is a support system that maximize your professional growth.