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Киев, Токио (Япония), Сингапур (Сингапур), Торонто (Канада), Атланта (США), Лондон (Великобритания)

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О компании

Wirex is a British-based FinTech company with R&D in Kyiv, Ukraine. Leading a global market of hybrid personal funds, Wirex can currently boast having engaged over 2 million users and performed over 2 billion transactions.

We strongly believe that the blockchain technologies will fully integrate into a common daily routine. We can envision the world where everyone could experience the advantages of blockchain when managing their funds in a smart and flexible way and the world that is not constrained by bureaucracy or distance.

Our mission

To bridge the gap between traditional and cryptocurrencies, integrating digital money into everyday life.

Our fantastic product

By combining the benefits of blockchain with a traditional payments infrastructure in a single web-based and mobile application, Wirex offers hybrid personal and commercial payments and currency solutions, through:
— hybrid fiat (traditional) currency and cryptocurrency online e-currency accounts;
— account-linked Visa debit cards;
— Instant and free money transfer worldwide;
— ATM withdrawals if cash is needed;
— fiat and cryptocurrency exchange services;
— the world’s first crypto-cashback.

Our incredible team

This magic is made possible through a rapidly growing international team of over 200 team members working in the offices of London, Atlanta, Toronto, Tokyo, Singapore, and the R&D center in Kyiv.
The secret of the team’s success is collecting bright minds with miscellaneous and unique experiences to find solutions to any uncommon challenges. Knowledge sharing is a key to the secret, ensuring all team members are on the same page moving to the same direction.
Wirex is not your average company. Our team members are highly motivated professionals who value incredible initiatives and an ability to impact the company and the product we are making. This is why we welcome the highly demanding environment and will accept no less than first-rate quality.
We are also rapidly growing and are in a continuous search for the best and the brightest to join our team.

If you are ready to join, do not hesitate to send your CV in “Vacancies”.

Our values

We believe in our product and we live by it. We dedicate all our knowledge, expertise, and energy to our never-ending quest to exceed expectations of our users.
We trust our team members and encourage our team to explore new growth opportunities. We strive to create a unique ecosystem for professional and personal development for each and every team member.
We are innovators. We foster intellectual curiosity and strategic insight and we are passionate about creativity and innovation at every level. We leverage new technology and always challenge ourselves to improve our processes.
We motivate, inspire, and support each other in our journey. Our cooperation and day-to-day communication help us to develop our skills and achieve outstanding results.
We believe in action rather than words. Our priority is the result and not billable hours. We reward success.
We do not compromise in terms of quality , we constantly monitor security and control the quality of the product.