Hi there! We are an R&D Center in Vinnytsia (Ukraine).
15 октября 2021

Strong Junior Data Scientist


Необходимые навыки

* At least Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related field;
* 1+ years of real-world experience in implementing data science and computer vision projects;
* Good Python knowledge;
* Knowledge of classical algorithms and data structures;
* Knowledge in linear algebra, geometry, calculus, probability theory and statistics;
* Experience with Machine Learning libraries like NumPy, Pandas, ScikitLearn;
* Practical experience with OpenCV;
* Experience in solving computer vision tasks like classification, detection, segmentation or others;
* Practical experience with at least one Deep Learning framework like Keras, Tensorflow, PyTorch;
* Knowledge and experience with some of the well-known neural networks architectures such as: Yolo, U-Net, * MobileNet, ResNet, R-CNN;
* Knowledge of OOP;
* Good written and spoken English;

Будет плюсом

* Active kaggle participation;
* Docker;
* Microsoft Azure or AWS;
* Familiarity with NLP and Time Series forecasting;
* Experience with OCR;
* Practical experience with SQL, NoSQL;
* Neural network model optimization methods;


* The availability of specialized equipment for work several: CPU: 12 cores 24 threads, RAM: 64 GB, GPU: 2x RTX 2070 and 2080 RAM 8 GB;
* Stable and competitive salary;
* Work in a cool team + the presence of an experienced mentor, support and task setting;
* Flexible working schedule;
* Interesting and useful projects;
* Convenient office in Vinnytsia;
* Monthly team activities;
* Up to 35 Days Off per year;
* Review of working conditions every 6 months in case of improving skills and gaining new skills;
* Excellent opportunities and prospects for professional growth in a company with a 5-year history.

Through our work we try to make a qualitative contribution to the development of society and the world in which we live.

We invite to our team those who are ready to work enthusiastically on difficult tasks, to become better every day in all areas of their lives and to be an example for those they love :)

О проекте

We are looking for a Data Scientist to join our team in Vinnytsia on a 3D Virtual Fitting Room project.
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