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Вінниця, Ґрац (Австрія), Baden-Baden

28 липня 2021 18:39

Anastasiia Shnaidruk, HR Manager в Winstars Technology

Working almost 2 years in Winstars Technology I realized, that this is a company with a special family atmosphere, where every colleague has their own twist, this is a collective of young people, whom you can really call a TEAM:)

— timely salary payment and its regular review
— exciting complex projects (AI, robots etc) — watch some of them on the website and you will be impessed, what actually these guys develop
— flexible working hours — nobody`s watching you with a clock, you`re free to start and end your working day earlier or later
— cool and comfortable system of days off
— ability to work either at the office or at home
— no bureaucracy
— professional and approachable management
— and more.

Only positive emotions! Love and definitely recommend:)


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