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WINSTARS.AI is the leading Data Science R&D Center for AI development in Ukraine. Among our customers are dozens of companies from America and Europe. Scientists and engineers from 5 countries work for us. We also have a representative office in the USA, Germany and Austria.

Our main objective is to create a custom AI assistant for your business that can offer the following services:

— Automation of Redundant Healthcare Tasks;
— Automated Image Diagnosis;
— Automated Recommendations for Treatment Plans;
— Diseases and Illness Prediction.

— Early Diagnosis of Plant Diseases;
— Soil and Crop Monitoring in Real-Time;
— Using Drones for Data Collection (Drones navigation system development);
— Remote yield assessment (satellite, drone, cameras).

— Digital assistants and chatbots: Personalizing financial advisory;
— Credit scoring and loan prediction;
— Fraud prevention: Bolstering AI-powered financial security;

— Customer Service Chatbots.

Our favorite benefit of AI? It is definitely a 24/7 accessibility, which means it can be accessed conveniently from anywhere, improving accessibility and responsiveness.

WINSTARS.AI has expertise in various cutting-edge technologies, including:
— Data Science;
— Artificial Intelligence;
— Machine Learning;
— Computer Vision;
— NLP;
— Deep Learning;
— Reinforcement Learning.

Find more on the website or write directly to [email protected]. We are looking forward to your emails.

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