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Wikr is an IT-Media company. We create and develop viral content projects around the world.

Our mission is to improve people’s lives with inspiring, positive and meaningful viral projects.

What do we do?

We are making history on the global media market, developing online content in 7 different languages. Each month, 100+ million people visit our sites.

We develop health and fitness mobile apps to help women from all over the world take care of themselves physically and emotionally, especially when they’re planning to start a family or make other major changes in their lives.

What are we proud of?

Wikr’s audience is more than twenty times larger than it was just two years ago. This has been possible thanks to the hard work of our team of specialists, who are the best in the industry.
We are proud of the fact that we are located in Ukraine, but we are successfully building a global IT-Media product company.

Who is on our team?

We currently have more than 200 specialists in seven different countries. They include developers, analysts, editors, video editors and others. The main distinguishing feature of Wikr specialists is their desire to constantly grow, develop and learn new things.

Why do people like to work at Wikr?

• We work on creating and developing our own projects. There is no outsourcing.
• The company values the initiative of its workers and their ability to work independently.
• The ideas and suggestions of everyone are heard, and good ideas are quickly implemented and tested out.
• Clearly stated goals and priorities help workers focus on important tasks and organize their work properly.
• Weekly meetings with managers give employees an opportunity to get feedback about their work and understand how to achieve the best results.

The development team creates unique products — mobile applications and tools to optimize the company’s business processes. They include a system for detecting trending content, software for managing video production, and other important internal developments. We work with HighLoad. Our mobile health and fitness apps include a period tracker for women to track their physical and emotional health.

We use PHP7, Python, Symfony4, MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Amazon AWS (Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, RDS, SQS, etc), Docker, Kubernetes. The company has successfully implemented CI on all projects.

iOS: Swift, MVC, MVVM, VIPER, Dependency Injection, UIKit, Autolayout, REST API, Alamofire, In-App Purchases, Local and Remote notifications, Grand Central Dispatch, NSOperations, Core Data, Realm, Firebase, Fabric.

Android: Kotlin, MVVM, Android Architecture Components, Dependency Injection, REST API, Push Notifications, Crashlytics, Offline mode.

Wikr is a data-driven company. The analytics department uses different tools.
Data sources:
• API — Facebook social graph, Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica
• Internal database — MariaDB

Data storage:
• Amazon AWS (EC2+S3+Redshift)

Data processing:
• R
• Python (scikit learn, numpy, scipy, pandas)

What we offer:

• Comfortable working conditions: an office with all the modern conveniences (including free lunch & snacks, game rooms and many other amenities)

• Professional growth: lectures and seminars, access to educational materials, paid training and courses outside the company

• Fair compensation that allows employees to focus on project development and their own professional growth

• Health insurance

• Corporate and team-building events, where we celebrate the successes and achievements of our teams and the company

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